Saturday, February 6, 2010

Model Measurements?

I'm so confused. I just looked up the typical model measurements and I got this:
Height - 5'9 - 5'11
Bust - 29' - 33'
Waist - 22' - 25'
Hips - 32' - 35'

I measured myself, and I got this:

Height - 5'9
Bust - 35'
Waist - 25'
Hips - 35'

Wait... what? How? I'm not model material. I'm not thin. How the hell???

I tried different measuring tape, I made sure the inches were correct, I measured it again and again and still got the same. What in fresh hell?

Is my perception on my body that horribly fucked up? I don't know. So I've decided to post some pictures of myself up here, I need to know what you guys think. Is this bogus?

Am I really those measurements or are those measurements just not the correct size for a model?

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  1. Well, the tape wouldn't lie... You're probably right about your own self-perception. It's so hard to see ourselves for what we are when we've been caught up in loathing our bodies for SO long... We grow to hate what we see in ourselves no matter how we actually appear in reality. If you post pictures, I will be happy to give you honest feedback; I'm really actually curious to see you, as I said before that your BMI, in my mind, is so close to my personal image of perfection. :)

    Stay strong, lovely...I can guarantee you that you're beautiful, believe me or not. ;) <3