Sunday, February 7, 2010

Myself.... god I'm terrified

This is my first time revealing myself to you guys! EVER! I'm utterly terrified!

I'm not sure if it's appropriate to put pictures of myself up here in my skivvies.. so until I know I won't get mocked for it here is a couple photos I have taken of myself and that others have taken of me....


  1. Oh girl. No way you would get mocked. Honestly...not trying to boost anyones ego's or are PRETTY! Oh and i love love love your hair. I love dying my hair that color too lol :) Oh and love the lip piercing. Ive always thought about getting one.

  2. yeah i want you hair! and your body.. gimme!
    you are seriously so pretty. *jealous lol.
    i am so jealous of your tiny hips. mine are like 5 miles wide.
    stay strong

  3. Oh my goosh! You are so skinny, and so pretty! Seriously, I would kill for your legs. You're gorgeous. End of story!


  4. SOOOO pretty. :D And beautiful. And gorgeous. And did I mention totally hawt? And I am so not hitting on you. ;) Just sayin'.

    I adore your hair...and your overall style. It's what I would try to pull off if I thought I could. I've got the black hair going, with the lip piercing and the tattoos for days... But somehow I still can't do it. Maybe it's because I'm a mom? Eh...Either way, there's no way on Earth you'd ever get mocked here...You look amazing. And you're so tiny! Yes, I'd like a pair of legs like that, please. Whatever she's having. ;)

    Thanks for posting, girly, and stay lovely! Keep up the incredible work. :D

  5. Aww you are so lovely! Agree with embre, your hips are so tiny :) Lots of love, stay strong ! xoxoxo

  6. wow you are utterly gorgeous, I am breath taken by you. I really enjoy your blog as a guy, I know its weird, but im 18 and struggle with a weight issue that others tell me i dont have, i find i have one and all i can see is flaws in my self, but reading your blog kind of opend my eyes to the reality of things and made me calm down in obsessing of how i look and what others think of me, thank you, i will keep reading if yo uwill keep posting (: once again youre crazy beautiful.

    cheers from montreal ;)