Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beautiful day!

The sun woke me this morning, shining brightly on my face. Oh it was so nice it warmed my entire body. it is just past 10 am, I have plenty of time before I catch my bus to the mall for my new job. Since I know I'm going to need the energy I am making 8 cups of coffee, a stronger blend, and I'm having a fruit cup of peaches and 8 strawberries. That comes to about 130 calories, which will probably get burnt off by 3 pm. When I come home I plan on having veggie soup and then diet ginger ale. This will bring my calorie count up another 200 calories. This means I will have ingested 330 calories for the entire day, but I will have burnt off about 160. So I will have only had 170 calories today. Oh I can feel myself getting thinner. I can see my stomach flattening, even though the scale has not gone down since this morning at 4 am, I can still feel it. Soon I will see more of my ribs sticking out through my pale skin, soon I will see more collar bone, soon I will see more hip bones.... What a beautiful day it is.

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