Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Evening blurs and night time hunger pains

I decided to walk home from work today. Baaaad idea. I live about an hour away from the mall where I work and I smoked about 5 cigarettes on my walk. I now feel incredibly drained and dizzy and halfway home I almost fainted. I need to start taking the bus. But! At least my walk home made me burn 300 calories, along with being on my feet all day, I believe I exercised quite a bit. I am just totally drained. Everything is blurry and I can't think straight. I keep on making spelling mistakes and having to go back and re-write my sentencese. xD

Luckily I have the day off tomorrow so I get a day to relax and surround myself with thinspiration and diet pepsi. My 3 day fast is going great, my dad bought the lie I told him about eating at work, so I don't have to have dinner tonight. I am going to drink water until about 7:00, and then have my dinner, which is diet pepsi. I was going to have my choice diet beverage; Diet Ginger ale, but my mother drank it all... Oh well. At least I have something sweet to quench my tastebuds.

I plan on hitting the hay early tonight, I want to avoid my prime time for binging, which is late at night. I am starting to get some cramping and stinging in my stomach, I'm not sure if I would call it a full-on hunger pain, but I can assume by tonight I will start getting them. I get them so easily, some people get them after 2 days of fasting, I get them if I haven't eaten in 24 hours, which I haven't.

Also I really hope to reach out to some people on here, so far I have not seen any feedback for my blog, but I suppose in time people will notice me. I know you lovely ladies are out there!

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