Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good/Bad morning,

I weighed myself this morning and I am at a steady 118. So I gained 1 pound from that food that was practically forced down my throat, but it could be worse, so I'm just thanking my lucky stars. I have to work again today, and hopefully all goes well, I do need this job but I hate working around food, and I don't even get a break while working. I work from 12 to 5 pm, so I assume I deserve at least a 15 minute break, but yesterday I didn't get one. Hopefully today will be different. I can't take working on my feet for 5 hours straight, my back starts to ache excruciatingly and I get very dizzy and tired. I got a good nights sleep for once, I fell asleep at 10 pm and I woke up today at 6:30. That's a good 8 hours. Today is the start of my 3 day fast, and so far it's not going to a good start. I feel a bit weak and icky. This will pass eventually and I know that, but for now it's not a very good feeling. Good thing I have a good 4 hours before work starts, I can relax and try to rejuvenate myself. This mornings breakfast: a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (burns calories and raises metabolism), 2 cups of coffee and a cigarette. My lunch will probably be diet ginger ale from the store before I go to work, and after work I will probably have more diet ginger ale and a cigarette. I choose diet ginger ale for my fasting diet beverage because ginger ale helps calm the acidity in my stomach, I get very nauseous when I don't eat.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you all! Yesterday while working I got my first hunger pains. I missed that feeling very much so, and even though it hurt, I felt so happy to get them, it means my stomach is shrinking! So I hope you all have a glorious day, it's another beautiful day, and I haven't made any mistakes yet regarding my diet, and I plan on keeping it that way all day.

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